Jingle Bells (Hydro Flask Edition)

Hydro Flask Holiday Video Contest:

At the beginning of the week, we ran a Holiday Caroling Video Contest through our Hydro Flask Holiday Calendar. Participants had about 3 days to submit a video of themselves, along with friends and/or family, on the Hydro Flask Facebook page. The morning after the contest deadline, Hydro Flask employees arrived at work to discover this video posted on the company Facebook page:

Jingle Bells (Hydro Flask Edition)

Wow! This video was way above and beyond anything we expected when we came up with the idea for a video contest. The video quickly circulated around the staff via e-mail, with the subject line: “Stop what you’re doing and watch this video right now!” We were truly impressed by the creativity and talent of our friends in North Carolina. The group was kind enough to give us a few more details about themselves and the making of the video, which we are excited to share with the rest of our friends.

The Participants:

A group of friends connected through their church in Raleigh, North Carolina, put the entire video together on the spot after one of their weekly meetings. Here are their names and roles in creating the Jingle Bells (Hydro Flask Edition) video:

Tim – Co-wrote lyrics, played HydroFlask-shaker, sang, co-video editor

Drew –  Co-wrote lyrics, played HydroFlask-drum

Bryan – Video production

Jake – Video production

Alex – Played lead guitar, sang

Kyle – Sang, played keys

Hannah – Sang, played keys

Haley – Sang, played keys

Megan – Sang, played keys

Julie B. – Sang, played keys

Julie N. – Co-video editor

Hannah – Moral support

Molly – Moral support

The Lyrics:

Hydro Flask, Hydro Flask

Keeps it cold all day

Stainless steel, vacuum sealed

And a lifetime warrantaaay


Hydro Flask, Hydro Flask

Keeps it hot all day

Coffee, soup, and ice for days

and it’s free of B-P-A

“The Making Of” – in the words of Tim Nicklas:

“I have been following the Holiday Calendar since it started on the third [of December], and I have collected all the symbols thus far. So, when I saw this, I knew I wanted to submit a video. When we were meeting with our missional community this week, I told Drew about the contest, and we decided to do it then and there with our whole group! After figuring out the lyrics, we whipped out our iPhones, so we could have several different angles. After a few takes, we were all set to edit!”

We hope you enjoy the Jingle Bells (Hydro Flask Edition) video as much as we have been enjoying it! Thanks, Tim and the Raleigh crew, for not only creating this awesome video but for sharing your story as well!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Hydro Flask!

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One Response to Jingle Bells (Hydro Flask Edition)

  1. June Cleghorn says:

    I live in Hawaii and over the Christmas holidays I purchased 3 Hydro Flasks here. I love the Hydro Flasks, because I purchased my first ones in early 2012 and they have worked great! However, all the Hydro Flasks I purchased within the past 1-2 months here in Hawaii have all been defective, e.g. each one had defective insulation such that my ice melted after only 2-3 hours. Also, when I did the insulation test as suggested on the website each Flask failed (the heat was felt on the outside of the Flask after only 5 mins.). The company has been good with the returns and one email reply did ask me for the serial #s of the flasks that didn’t work. Here’s the problem though…I have thus far received 2 replacement Flasks, but only one of them worked!! So even the ones that the company is sending as replacements don’t work…again the problem was that the insulation didn’t work. I had mentioned to Renee Mansour that the whole batch of serial #s 13314 was possibly defective, and yet that is the serial # of the replacement Flasks I received…and one of the two doesn’t work. Please explain what is happening with the quality of your product and with the quality control of these Flasks before they are sent out. Do the owner of the company and the CEO know that they seem to have a real problem with the poor quality of their Hydro Flasks with this serial #? Has the manufacturing of these Hydro Flasks changed within the past year? My Flasks that I purchased in 2012 didn’t say “Made in China” but the ones I purchased recently all say “Made in China”. It sure seems to me that there is something wrong with the current manufacturing of these Flasks and I would think that the company owner and CEO would want to correct this. I hope to receive a reply from the owner and/or CEO about the concerns I raised above. I will submit another warranty claim for the one Flask that doesn’t work, but I’m so disappointed because this is the fourth Flask that I received where the insulation doesn’t work. Will someone please check the next Flask that you send to me to make sure the insulation works? Thank you.

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