Healthy Hydration: The Benefits of COLD Water Consumption

Bodybuilder & Hydro Flask Fan Aimee Leclerc

Bodybuilder & Hydro Flask Fan Aimee Leclerc

Who likes the taste of lukewarm water? Not us! In fact, we’ve made it our mission to save the world from lukewarm water. Hydro Flasks are carefully designed to help keep your liquids COLD for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12. Cold water not only TASTES better but it’s also better FOR you. Seriously! That’s why Hydro Flask’s double-wall vacuum insulated technology will not only impress your friends and loved ones, but it will also provide you with long term health benefits.

Why Should You Care?

The benefits of drinking cold water are extensive, especially during and directly after a hot workout when your core temperature is up. Cold water has been shown in tests to help bring your body temperature down, which is important when we need to replace fluids that were lost during heavy breathing, sweating and urination. Cold water is also easily digestible, therefore it exits the stomach more easily and allows for faster re-hydration and nourishment. Even after your workout, you should continue to drink cold water, as it helps break down meals and prevents constipation.

No Little White Lies.

We’ve found a variety of studies have been conducted to show the increased health benefits of drinking cold water versus lukewarm or room temperature. According to a study from the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, athletes who ingested COLD water had a significantly smaller rise in core temperature over their 60 minute workout duration and were able to postpone a rise in body temperature for at least 30 minutes. Whereas, those who drank room-temperature water (perhaps because they have not acquired a Hydro Flask of their own yet!), were only able to withstand an increase in core temperature for 15 minutes and did not perform as well as the ladder participants in performance tests.  Furthermore, cold water has been proven in its ability to help you lose weight and increase both your metabolism and total calories burned. The study found  that your body tends to burn more energy when cold water is being consumed, which means calories are constantly being burned when your body has to heat up the water to normal body temperature.

Still Not Convinced?

21oz Hydro FlaskBottom line is cold water is essential for those leading healthy, active lifestyles.  At Hydro Flask, we want to help you stay cool, hydrated and healthy during these hotter months and believe that our bottle could be the answer to saving the world from lukewarm water. During a heavy workout, having cold water seems like the most healthful option, not only because it is thirst quenching but also because of its ability to prevent your core temperature from rising for a longer period of time. Post workout is also beneficial because it is easily digestible and therefore is able to move through the body more quickly and provide re-hydration almost instantly. How much better could it get?! The days of lukewarm water drinks have come to an end. No more overheating or dehydrating due to lack of cold water. It’s here and it’s cold. So get out and get on with your adventures just as you always have- before you go though, get your hands on a Hydro Flask. You won’t be sorry. Seriously.

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