Happy Earth Day from Hydro Flask

Earth Day 2013Happy Earth Day everyone! In honor of celebrating our planet, and our wonderful – and sometimes very delicate – relationship with Mother Earth, we thought it wise to share some facts about our planet and in particular, the importance of reusable products and in particular, water bottles.

We cannot stress enough the importance of moving away from single-use plastic water bottles and using a recyclable container such as a Hydro Flask (or others – we’d rather you use our competitors’ products than single use plastic bottles!). The majority of plastic water bottles take more than 700 years to even begin composting and though the majority may be recycled, more than 80% of plastic bottles end up in the landfills and not in the recycle bin. Plastic water bottles alone (not soda or juice) result in more than 38 million bottles in the landfill every year!

The cost of bottled water is nearly 2,000 times the amount of tap water (mostly because of the bottle), though roughly 30% of all bottled water (including some of the largest and most well known brands) is actually just repackaged water from the tap. To add insult to injury, according to the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), some bottled water is even less safe than tap water!

Finally, the oil and energy that goes into the creation of plastic bottles is nothing short of amazing in the saddest of ways. Making these plastic bottles requires roughly 17 million barrels of crude oil every year according to National Geographic, which is enough to power 1 million vehicles on the road for an entire year. As a visual, if you were to fill up a plastic bottle a quarter of the way with petroleum, that’s how much oil went into making that particular bottle.

We share these statistics not as a scare tactic, but simply as information to help remind us of the importance of using reusable containers, be it for water or other items. It may not seem like much when you have one bottle, but when you start adding up that bottle with your neighbor’s bottle, and his neighbor’s bottle over the course of days, months and years, the numbers jump dramatically and the statistics become alarming. Please keep this in mind and remember the three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle!

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