The Limited Edition Red Sparkle Hydro Flask: A Flask with Flair!

21oz Limited Edition Red Sparkle Hydro FlaskIf you’ve ever seen the movie Office Space, you’ll remember the scene where Jennifer Aniston gets pulled aside by her manager at her restaurant job for not wearing enough flair on her uniform.* Trust us when we tell you that with the newest Hydro Flask color, you’ll never face these accusations. The Limited Edition Red Sparkle Hydro Flask is an eye catcher in the best of ways.

The 21oz Red Sparkle Hydro Flask features a high glossy finish of Bassboat Silver Sparkle on our Lychee Red, transforming it into a fun and festive new color for those who want to hydrate with a little pizazz. The flask features the Standard Mouth opening, which is ideal for coffees, teas and mixing sport drinks. As with all Hydro Flasks, it’s made from double wall vacuum insulated food grade 18/8 stainless steel, is BPA-Free, 100% recyclable, resistant to bacteria and odors and keeps contents hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours.

The Red Sparkle Hydro Flask is a festive flask that will turn more than a few heads and make your friends green (or red) with envy. They’re available only on to retail customers and only for a limited time, so grab yours today before they’re all gone!

*If you haven’t yet seen Office Space, we highly suggest you watch it. It’s funny. Very funny.
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