Freeze Proof? You better believe it!

Hydro Flask Insulating at -50 Below!

Matt Hall's Hydro Flask bottle still insulating at -50F

Nothing proves more worthy to a product than a field test, and an extreme one at that.

The other day in the office, we received a note from 2o-year-old Matt Hall, who is a professional sled dog racer (or musher, for those of you in the know) based out of Eagle, Alaska, in the east-central part of the state.

Matt races dogs for Smokin’ Ace Kennels and told us that he recently discovered Hydro Flask bottles and takes them on the trail with him, often in -50 degree Fahrenheit weather for days at a time. If you just missed that last bit, let me repeat it: 50 degrees below zero! That’s some extreme weather!

Matt said he’s very pleased with the outcome and performance of the bottles. True to Hydro Flasks’ word, the standard and narrow mouth bottles not only do not freeze in the extreme weather, they still insulate and hold true to our “hot for 12-hour” guarantee.

If you have a great story of you and your Hydro Flask on the road, please share it with us at info AT We love to see our products in use, wherever and whenever that might be. Happy hydrating everyone!

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One Response to Freeze Proof? You better believe it!

  1. Michael Long says:

    Very interested to see that the Hydro Flask was field tested by Matt Hall, having been out on mushing trips with both he & his family on numerous occasions. The extreme temperatures are not an exaggeration in their part of the world & if he thinks it’s a quality product, then that’s good enough for me. I’m off to buy one.

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