Water, water everywhere and all of it to drink

We are so excited about the upcoming release of the newest editions to the Hydro Flask family, the new Outdoor Water Filtration System and the new Advanced Tap Water Filtration System, we can hardly stand it!  We have two solutions that we feel will revolutionize the way people drink water.  No longer will you have to be victim of thirst in questionable water situations.  You know the saying “don’t drink the water” when traveling to a foreign country?  Well now you can enjoy a drink and stay hydrated with clean water.  Or what about all those times you’ve been hiking and looked longingly at a mountain stream wanting to sip from it but too worried about getting ill?  Well, now you can drink it all in.  (Just stay away from the stagnant stuff.  Ew.)

One is specifically for tap water filtration which is great for urban adventures and traveling.  Never again be subject to gross hotel water or sketchy fountains.

The outdoor filter is perfect for the backcountry.  Drink from streams and fresh springs with confidence and ease.

Hey Bottled Water! If we were you we’d be shakin’ in our boots and checking the help wanted ads right about now.

The filtration systems are on schedule for delivery later THIS spring.  Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to Water, water everywhere and all of it to drink

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  2. Michelle Ross says:

    The water filter will be great! I already love my Hydro flask, and my hometown water tastes terrible, so this is just what I need!

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