Winter Camping with Hydro Flask

Winter camping has some real advantages.  It’s less crowded, offers some spectacular scenery, is superbly serene, and offers a different experience than summer camping.  It can be tough though, and the biggest factor for having a successful and fun winter camping experience is being properly prepared.  That comes largely with having the right gear–from a four-season tent to technical winter clothing.  Hydro Flask is a smart and easy addition to your arsenal of winter camping gear sure to benefit your camping trip.

With Hydro Flask, you are able to keep liquids warm for up to 12 hours with our specially-designed double wall vacuum sealed bottles.  That means you can enjoy a hot bottle of goodness during a long trek through the woods.  It’s smart to be prepared, and when you are in need of proper hydration in cold weather, Hydro Flask can’t be beat.

To prepare you for your next winter camping excursion, we found a website that is dedicated to the winter camping experience.  With everything from a beginner’s guide to winter camping to gear reviews to how to cook Jiffy Pop on a wood stove, has you covered.  Click here to visit the site.   To purchase a Hydro Flask online click here.

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