Get Into Ski Shape–Hurry!!

So, yeah.  It appears that snow is flying all over the west today.  Chairs are rollin’ already on many ski areas, with more set to open this weekend.  Folks are throwing elbows for first chair on the first day, and it can get pretty agro out there!  So, if you’re all antsy pantsy to get on the hill, be sure to keep safety in mind.  Not just helmets and scoping huck landings–I’m talking about your fitness!  Be sure to ward off early season injury by starting off the season fit and in shape.  Here are some tips for getting into ski shape.

To prepare your heart and body for long-term skiing try this workout from

Your cardio program should include 3 to 5 days each week of your favorite activity (the best for skiing include running, stairmaster, step aerobics, elliptical trainer and rollerblading). Try to have a variety of workouts lasting from 20 to 45 minutes. Below is a sample schedule of workouts, just to give you some ideas. These are just examples, so feel free to make your own schedule.

Workout 1: Interval training, 20 to 30 minutes

Workout 2: Medium-pace workout, 40 minutes

Workout 3: Short, intense workout, 20 minutes

Workout 4: Medium-pace workout, 45 minutes

Workout 5: Long, slow workout, 60 minutes

Remember to focus not only on your strength and stamina but also balance.  Since you generally don’t ski as well towards the end of your day, balance is an important skill that helps keep you on top of the powder, not in it.  As part of a work out program from this is an easy balance improving exercise:

Stand on one leg with your knee bent and your arms tight against your sides. Balance for 10-30 seconds, bend your knee a little more and hold for 10-30 more seconds. Repeat on each leg several times. To make it more challenging, stand on a pillow and close your eyes.

In addition to a basic workout that includes general conditioning, agility practice, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning and leg work recommends not to exercise the day before you ski.

If you hammer the slopes on the weekend, take Friday off so that you’ve completely recovered from any exercise fatigue You ought to feel the benefits of this program after two weeks.

In addition to having a solid workout regimen to help prepare you for the ski season it’s important to stay properly hydrated both on and off the slopes.  Even though it’s cold out while skiing we sweat more than we think so it’s always important to take in your liquids to prevent cramping and dehydration.  Easiest way to wet your whistle while on the slopes is of course carrying a Hydro Flask water bottle in your pack.  Plus a Hydro Flask water bottle keeps liquids warm for up to 12 hours, so you can warm up with some hot coco while riding the chairlift.

We hope these tips help you to stay out longer, ski harder and of course have fun this winter!

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4 Responses to Get Into Ski Shape–Hurry!!

  1. Mike Hellomit says:

    THis is quickly becoming a daily habit of checking out your rag here. Coffee (in a Hydro flask)-check toast-check Hydration Nation-check. New habits are forming quickly. Keep up the good work!

  2. admin says:

    We are very glad that you are enjoying our blog. Feel free to drop us a line if there are any improvements you would like to see.

  3. Chris Tember says:

    In the event that you have extra water bottles, I would like to win a blue 18 oz. please remember that Christmas is coming soon

  4. Helen Johnston says:

    Christmas shopping is done! Thanks Hydroflask.

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